Digital Goldfish Screensaver turns your computer into a goldfish tank. You can feed goldfish and touch them.

Windows 8/Windows 7/NT/Vista/XP/98/2000/ME

Goldfish species

You can select many goldfish including Ranchu Goldfish, Lionhead Goldfish, Broadtail Moor Goldfish, Demekin Goldfish, etc.

4 Water lily backgrounds

Digital Goldfish Screensaver has 4 water lily backgrounds

Realistic 3D plants

Realistic 3D plants.

Auto feed fish

Auto feed fish.

Touch fish

touch fish.

Goldfish grow up

Small fish grow up after eating food.

Water ripple effect

Water ripple effect.

Zoom in/out fish

Zoom in/out fish


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  • Update to V3.0

    Digital Goldfish Screensaver V3.0

  • Update to V3.0

    This version updates this function

    1. Auto feed fish and touch fish.

    2. Small fish grow up after eating food.

    3. Water ripple effect.

    4. Zoom in/out fish.

    5. Create your own playlist of music.

  • Version 3.0

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